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I’ve witnessed some pretty special moments with the Step into Life community

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Step into Life has changed my life.

I hated PE at school and so was never interested in fitness or healthy stuff. But trying to lose weight wasn’t working with walks around the block. So I decided to give Step into Life a go.

As a fitness novice, Step into Life helped me to learn what all the exercises where (I’d certainly never heard of a burpee before!) and how to do them. I loved that all fitness levels were catered for so I never felt like I was holding anyone up while I was learning (I’m still learning by the way!).

Each class is a team effort and the encouragement and support has been amazing. It’s awesome to celebrate in everyone’s achievements, whether they seem small (like doing your first full pushup) or big (like competing in your first event).

I’ve witnessed some pretty special moments with the Step into Life community, and been privileged to have their support as I completed my first half marathon and other events. Our trainer is the best and one of her favourite sayings is “Just get to the car park and we’ll do the rest”. And it is so true because at the end of the session you are feeling great because you did come and you did survive and you did forget your world just for a little bit!

I’m extremely proud of myself for sticking with this, and all the effort I have put in to make my life healthier. Becoming a Legend has been a great way to celebrate those achievements, and to embrace the achievements yet to come. Not just for me but for my training buddies and the whole Step into Life Community. Bring it on :)


Sarah Kenyon

Step into Life Mitchell Park

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