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I wouldn't be the person I am today and for this I am grateful.

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My name is Michelle Torpy. I started my Step into Life journey in approximately 2003. It was perfect timing to bump into some women out jogging / walking in one of the back streets of Balwyn North. I was intrigued as to their fitness and fun they seemed to be having. My netball years were coming to an end and I was searching for something different to challenge myself.

Even from that first time, I had a warm feeling that this was the challenge I was looking for and thought I would love to give it a try. At this stage I had never jogged in my life. Thirteen years later, I still love Step as much as the first day I started. The friends I have met are life long, they really inspire me to come along, even when I struggle to get out of bed. I'm sure you can all relate to this.

Through my years at Step into Life my proudest times are when I've done my personal best, run packages, doing the 10km run around the G three times and Run for the kids 15.8km twice.

Of course I have the dedicated trainers to thank, without their motivation, care and making our fitness their main priority, I wouldn't be the person I am today and for this I am grateful. So to sum everything up. I love Step into Life, always have and always will.


Michelle Torpy

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