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Along with my running achievements, becoming a 10K+ Legend and my ongoing health and fitness gains I have also become a Support Trainer with Step into Life Albury

10,000 points at Step into Life

Almost 9 years ago a work colleague invited me to join her at a session with Step into Life Albury. It was the best invitation I have ever accepted!

At the time I was working full-time, a wife and a mum to three young children. The only exercise I was doing was an occasional walk or swim. My leisure activities revolved around kids’ sport and of course social gatherings with friends where too much food and drink were often consumed. I was not particularly happy with myself or my life.

From my very first session Michelle inspired, encouraged, motivated and reassured that I could do whatever was asked of me at sessions and more! I am one of the many who said “I can’t, I don’t, I won’t run” and would never have thought I would achieve some of the running milestones that I have to date. Of all the sessions and packages offered by Step into Life I truly do look forward to our achievit running packages more than anything else. They are my all-time favorite, and why wouldn't they be as I am now a more efficient runner, with improved running technique and a faster time per kilometer at 50 years old than when I was forty. Proudest moment to date is my 1:44:02 finishing time in the 2015 Melbourne Half Marathon. I can't wait to see what I can do in October this year!

But it’s not all about running. Add to the mix a variety of weekly sessions, physically and mentally challenging endurit bootcamps, goal focused Winter Challenges, the opportunity to support and participate in local community events and it all adds up to a lot of fun and a healthier happier me. Sounds like I think I'm a bit of a legend! Well I am! Recently I was one of three Step into Life Albury members to be recognized with 10K+ Training Club Legends status. The Training Club points have always been my way to stay focused on my training and are an incentive to attend sessions regularly and up the ante when needed. Receiving your T-shirt as you reach each training club milestone is always special and it's great to have others in the team congratulate and be inspired by your achievements!

Along with my running achievements, becoming a 10K+ Legend and my ongoing health and fitness gains I have also become a Support Trainer with Step into Life Albury. Who would have thought the unhappy, over indulging and previously unfit wife and mum would be a part of the Step into Life training team and now supporting others on their own fitness journeys?

From the very first session I attended, the session I attended this morning, the session I will instruct tomorrow morning and every session after that it will always resonate that I am a part of something very special.

I am very proud of ME! The stronger, fitter, fabulous Kez! The Support Trainer with Step into Life Albury!

The10K+ Training Club Legend!

Kerri Rutherford



Kerri Rutherford

Step into Life Albury

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