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Michelle has introduced me to so much, having taught me that I am capable of far more than I ever thought and that anything is possible.

10,000 points at Step into Life

When I joined Step into Life Albury just over 9 years ago, I never realised what a big part of my life it would become. The level of support has been amazing with Michelle (and her assistant trainers) being always willing to help.

Prior to joining Step, I had always been active to some extent but definitely a non-runner – now I track down running events and other challenges, pack my runners and actually use them when I go away and have frequently gone for a run on a Sunday morning when many others are still in bed.

I have been on an amazing journey and Michelle has been by my side the whole time even to the degree where during a couple of challenging running events, I have started to hit the wall only to have a voice suddenly spring into my head encouraging me to “just keep those little legs ticking over” and those words have gotten me to the finish. It seems Michelle knows when I need her even when she is not physically there as these are some of the familiar and encouraging words that she has uttered to me on numerous occasions particularly during the frequent running packages that she offers on the one day when many others would think 6 days a week is enough to get up early to support their clients and could be forgiven for choosing to have a day off for herself instead of her clients.

I sometimes joke that Michelle is available to us 24/7 but I actually think she is, so much so that I often check what time it is before I send her an email or text for fear that if I sent it at 2am, I would get a reply by 2.05am. It seems whatever day or time you send her something or ask her a question she quickly responds and always with a smile – nothing is ever a bother to her.

Michelle provides an exceptional level of support both during and outside of sessions including:

frequent informative emails which assist clients to maximise results;

ensuring clients are well informed and receive advance notice of any session changes on the very rare occasion that these are unavoidable;

working with injured clients to provide modifications and enable them to maintain attendance and a positive attitude;

understanding each client and their individual needs, what motivates them, what they are capable of, how far they can be pushed, when they are struggling and just the right thing to say, etc;

maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, client confidentiality, brand image, safe training environment and so much more.

Michelle has introduced me (and so many others) to so much, having taught me that I am capable of far more than I ever thought and that anything is possible, coached me through MJ which was a large part of a major transformation for me and is now embedded in my toolkit and she helped me discover that whilst it will never be easy (unless I stop striving for improvement) that I actually really like running.

Michelle is self-less and genuine in her enthusiasm. Even though she knows her clients can do something before they do, she is just as excited as we are when we achieve amazing things. There have been plenty of highs along my journey having completed several half marathons and other running events, stair climbing events and many other active challenges. As with anything, there have also been lows and setbacks due to injury or other impediments that have impacted that journey. Whilst there might be a level of personal frustration and sometimes my newfound self-belief was challenged when this occurred, giving up or leaving Step into Life never crossed my mind. Whatever other goals I may have had to adjust as a consequence, “Training Club” has always been there and provided motivation. The Step into Life timetable provides great flexibility to fit around other demands in your life and to continue to train, albeit sometimes in a different way, due to injury restrictions. Whatever limitations you may face, achieving training club points is always do-able.

Step into Life Albury is more like a family than a business, with the clients following the excellent example shown by Michelle and her assistant trainers, resulting in everybody encouraging everybody else and always respecting the efforts and celebrating the achievements of others. Some might see my journey as an inspiration but truth be told, I am inspired on a daily basis by the progress and achievements of others whether that be their first full push up, or completing their first cardio session or in some cases their just turning up when they perhaps had plenty of reasons not to. I am surrounded by inspiration at every session. Why would I want to be anywhere else? What more can I say other than “Michelle and Step into Life Albury are AWESOME!!!!”



Julie Knorpp

Step into Life Albury

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