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I joined Step into Life Gawler because my sister was moving to Adelaide from Sydney and she asked me to find this...Step into what??? I asked as I had never heard of it let alone had any idea what it would mean or what it would bring to my life. It just so happened that I found one that was opening in Gawler so I rang to enquire and began my what has become this amazing journey.

Just as life has its ups and does your training. I’ve had a number of injuries during my 10 years with Step into Life Gawler the worst being a 3-5cm tear in my left calf....let me tell you that this one stopped me in my tracks quick smart. I’ve had bursitis in my shoulder and my hips. I’ve had chest infections and family medical emergencies. During each of these occasions where I’ve been unable to attend my usual 6 sessions a week I’ve not felt myself because going to my training sessions is my soul food J It may hurt and I may whinge but I LOVE Step into Life. When I feel down after a hard day or life is chucking stuff at me – it’s Step into Life Gawler and all the wonderful members and trainers that help keep me sane and my head above water.

Friendships .... Wow!!!! What a fantastic space to meet amazing people. I have met so many great and amazing people in the last 10 years all of whom have inspired me in some way. There have been those that remained acquaintances and those that became and still are wonderful friends with a special place in my heart. What I value the most about all the members past and present is that I know if we pass each other we’ll stop, great each other with a smile (and usually a hug) and have a quick chat and catch up. Step into Life Gawler is such a warm and welcoming group of people – we accept each for who we are regardless of fitness, gender or age. We are all out there doing our best and we support each other every time we’re out there.

When I started in October 2007 I was very overweight, extremely unfit and had struggled for years to find something to get me moving and keep me motivated. Rachel Betts owned Step into Life Gawler when I started and we quickly became good friends and she got me motivated, got me moving and kept me motivated. After a few years I decided that I’d like to become a Personal Trainer so I completed my Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Rachel took me on board as her Assistance Trainer. Then almost 5 years ago along came this lovely young blonde lass who was looking into buying Step into Life Gawler as Rachel was trying to sell it due to family and other commitments. This young lass was Andi Hite and she has brought Step into Life Gawler from strength to strength and has continued to be an amazing support to me and all the member in their health and fitness goals. In October 2007 I was about I’m in the 74kg range and I’m fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. And it feels GREAT :)

Andi (and Rachel before her) is an amazing trainer. Her passion for fitness and lifestyle wellness is infectious and now we have Jannah (Andi’s sister) out training us as well. I was lucky enough that Andi kept me on as Assistant Trainer so I get the best of both worlds. Andi’s constant support is a credit to her and her wonderful family who support her. I’m also exceptionally lucky to have a partner and son who also support me in this journey for health and wellbeing.

The Future for me...hmmm...Step into Life Gawler – 6 sessions a week for as long as I can. I simply LOVE it, I love the people, I love the trainers, I love the members and I love what all of it combined gives me. My Soul Food :) And I don’t love it, I need it. I’ve said this to a few people in recent times....A lot people organise their lives around their training (regardless of what that is) – I however organise my life around my Step into Life sessions as much as I can. I really do need all of what Step into Life Gawler and it’s member have to offer me – it makes me feel complete.

Thank you everyone...past....present.....future.


Eva Fjording

Step into Life Gawler

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