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Step into Life Albury is now my second family, a place where no one judges you and you can be yourself.

10,000 points at Step into Life

My journey at Step into Life Albury started 9.5 years ago. My friend called me up at work and she said she'd heard an ad on the radio about a new fitness program held at Noreuil Park and would I be interested in going, I wasn't convinced but because she wanted to go I decided I’d go along too. Don't get me wrong I don't hate exercise but as I'd done the whole gym thing before I didn't think I'd last. How wrong as I?? Very!!

My first session was cardio, a time trial hahahaha me run I don't think so and once it was over I was done no more ever again! But the next day Michelle Fletcher called me up and asked how I liked the session, and she wanted to let me come and try another session for free so when would I like to go again? She didn't give me an opportunity to talk she spoke so fast and all I could say was okay thanks and see you then...what had I done??

Well that's the best thing I've ever done for me is to listen to Michelle and attend that session and I haven't looked back. Step into Life Albury is now my second family, a place where no one judges you and you can be yourself. It’s much more than exercise, it’s a social gathering where everyone is supportive no matter where they are on their fitness journey. It is also my mental release where I can go and no matter my mood always walk away happy and elated.

I laughed before as I'm not a runner but with Michelle's help and the other members I've achieved and conquered The Nail Can Hill run, The City 2 Surf, The Bendigo Classic, The City 2 City, and The Melbourne Half Marathon-not bad for a non-runner hey?

The training points program was a great way to see my achievements grow. When I reached the 50 point club I was like WOW and I received a t-shirt which made me feel for the first time in my life like I belonged. I just kept doing what I loved to do and the years went by and the milestones kept coming. I love wearing those t-shirts and I wear them proudly especially during all my running events. Nothing gets you through your run more than another member from another Step into Life giving you a high five and a thumbs up to keep going!! Now that I've reached the 10,000 milestone points I'm the honoured one as I joined the legendary status club, which was made even more special as I was the first Albury member to achieve this and in Michelle's 10th year of business!!!

My friends often ask me why I still like going to Step into Life, I just say it’s not difficult to go somewhere where you feel supported and encouraged to your best. Michelle has made Step into Life Albury an amazing place to train. It's now in my blood and I need to go if I don't I'm not happy!!!

I've taken some time away at the moment to enjoy being a first time mum but I'm already itching to get back to our park doing what I love to do.

As I look back at the start of my journey I never would've ever thought in a million years that I would still love attending Step into Life Albury so Thank You Michelle Fletcher and here's to another 9.5 years :)

Cindy Salske


Cindy Salske

Step into Life Albury

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