We are all stronger together! Train alongside your buddies this winter and achieve your health and fitness goals!

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved fitness, a running event or your next Training Club milestone – we want to help you get there! That’s why we’re committing to training with you and helping you stay fit over winter!

I’m ready! How do I enter?!

Easy! For your entry ticket, simply achieve your minimum Training Club points goal between 11 June – 12 August 2018 (9 weeks).

PLUS, get closer to your fitness goals and score an additional 6 tickets into the draw by:

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Training Club Points?

Training Club is Step into Life’s own goal setting program and is all about giving you attainable goals, keeping you motivated and on track. Points are awarded based on the total amount of time you’ve personally invested in your training - for every Step into Life training session, you’ll work hard and you’ll earn points for time spent working up a sweat. Every session you attend earns you 10 Training Club Points, it’s that easy! Once you reach each Training Club Milestone, your achievement will be acknowledged and celebrated among your Step into Life team members – way to go!

What are the prizes on offer?

Major Prizes

1 very lucky Member will receive a $2000 Flight Centre gift card!

Other Prizes

The top 1500 Members will receive an exclusive and awesome Step into Life bottle!

What are these Training Club Milestones you speak of?

The barometer represents the levels of Training Club achievement. We believe in celebrating and recognising your incredible commitment to your health and fitness goals; as you reach your next Milestone you have the option of wearing it with pride with a t-shirt or singlet. Our members sport their Training Club gear with honour, so next time you see your fitness friends at Step into Life sporting a Training Club top, give them the kudos they deserve! The member wearing the orange themed 2000 points top? Right there is 200 hours of not giving into excuses, of turning up even when the rain is looming and when the barometer is peaking; it represents 200 hours of finishing that last rep of the session when they didn’t know if they had anything left in them, of pushing themselves to beat that last Personal Best – you betcha they have earnt the right to wear that top with pride!

How can I keep track of my Training Club points?

Each Step into Life training session gives you 10 Training Club Points. Your trainer will have for you a Training Club tally chart, postcard size, so you can personally keep track of your points during July and August. If you have lost track of your points, don’t stress - your fortnightly progress report will also give you how many points you have gained over the last 2 weeks, or ask your trainer for help.

Let's get social!

If you’re not Facebook with us yet, now is the time! Like us and share with us how YOU are training over winter and how you are achieving your goals! Tag your pics with #strongerasone to share your journey with our national community! Happy training!

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