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Ordinary people can In fact do anything extraordinary with a bit of willpower, focus and determination.

"In January 2011, I was hit by a harsh reality that was hard to ignore. I had reached the highest weight I had ever been, and felt stuck in a cycle of hate. I hated the way I looked but supplemented those feelings with food, then hated myself for what I had done. The scales tipped 107 kilograms, and at 163cm tall I was no longer just overweight.*

I wasn’t even obese – I was now classified as morbidly obese.  I had to change. I came across a program called Step into Life. I’d joined and quit the gym many times before, but this time things seemed different. It was about changing my lifestyle.

I joined in February 2011, and my first session was boxkick – extremely tough but I liked it! I committed to 3 sessions a week and I changed my diet. In May I joined the running program and was advised to try the City to Surf in August. I thought “I can’t run!”, but Step into Life taught me there is no “can’t”, only try. I completed the City to Surf and continued on my journey.

By October 2011 I reached a goal I thought was impossible. I was healthy, with 40 kilograms lost and a BMI of 25*. I couldn’t stop there though; I enjoyed running so much that I decided to try a half marathon. In March 2012 I ran the Port Macquarie Half Marathon. Reality hit me again, but this time it was a different reality – maybe I could be a marathon runner!

In July 2012 I stepped up to complete my journey and finished the Gold Coast Marathon. In September 2012 I also climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and I am about to embark on my next marathon – this time around Uluru!

I have learnt that ordinary people can in fact do anything extraordinary with a bit of willpower, focus and determination."



Step into Life Warners Bay member

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