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The process wasn't a diet or a fad - it was a whole change of my mindset toward exercise and diet.

I originally joined Step into Life to participate in some fitness activities with my wife. We contacted Dean Horner at Step into Life Buderim and went down for our first session, which was a cardiomax class.  Over the years I have really enjoyed the huge variety of activities as well as the social aspect of training with Step into Life.

However, poor food choices impacted greatly on my initial progress – I was becoming fit for a man my size but just didn’t look it or feel it. At times I felt frustrated and as though I was wasting my time, however I enjoyed my training with Step into Life too much and kept on going back.

This year I got a little bit more serious and set myself a goal of losing 45 kg, which was one third of my body weight. I set myself this goal for my family, and to also prove to myself that I could actually do it. I set out upon my lofty goal in late January this year, and finally achieved it in mid-August. I am now 90 kg for the first time in a long time and I can even run 10 km in under 60 minutes!*

My Trainer Dean has been there to support me throughout the whole journey. Deep down, Dean knew that if I put my mind to it that I could achieve my dream. The process wasn’t a diet or a fad – it was a whole change of my mindset toward exercise and diet.


Step into Life Buderim

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