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New, flexible business options for you

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Starting up your own fitness business?

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Can I select the location of my venue?

Yes, you choose the suburb and we will assist you with demographic studies and research within that suburb. Step into Life will research the most suitable outdoor training areas within that suburb and show those to you, then handle all of the proposals to the local council on your behalf. Please note that locations are subject to availability – your State Leader will be able to assist further.

Do I need to have Personal Training Qualifications?

Yes, a Certificate 4 in Personal Training is required as well as a First Aid certificate. If you don’t have these qualifications already, then Step into Life can assist you with access to various course providers and course scholarships.

How much can I expect to earn from my business?

Earning potential varies depending on the Franchise operator. Income potential is unlimited and relates to the work ethic of the Franchisee – what you put into your business is what you will get out of it. The Step into Life goal is for every Franchise is to reach 70 members and the income that will derive is in excess of $10,000 per month.

What business support will I receive?

After the initial induction training is complete, the support program kicks in with a weekly phone-in for the first 24 weeks to chat about how you are going, plus fortnightly refresher training. Our Franchise system offers BST – Business Support Training sessions – throughout the year on various topics. Franchise meetings are also run throughout the year and you are encouraged to call for help at any time and arrange a meeting or a Franchise visit. Fellow Franchisees are also happy to offer their knowledge and support.

What equipment is included?

Over 370 pieces of training equipment is included in your set up kit which easily caters for up to 18 members. Also provided location banners for location set up, plus full Trainer and Corporate uniform.

Will I receive ongoing training and refreshers?

The training program we offer is based on comprehensive stage learning. It starts with work experience where you will shadow a successful Franchisee. Then online learning and the induction training program commences which will prepare you for your Franchise launch. During the launch phase, there is a weekly phone-in for the first 24 weeks to see how you are tracking and on-going training is provided through meetings or phone calls. In addition to this, there are also our Business Support Training sessions and Master Classes – training sessions on various aspects of the Group Outdoor Personal Training programs.

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