Frequently Asked Questions

​What happens if it rains?

We generally don’t miss many training sessions due to rain as our trainers have a backup under cover venue where they can train if it is too wet or unsafe to train outside. The groups always meet at the same spot each time, and just prior to the session starting the trainer will make the decision whether to train outdoors or move to the undercover area.


Health Fund Rebates

We’re lucky enough to be on board with some of Australia’s most trusted Health Providers to offer you rebates on your training fees. Please call 1300 134 136 for more details or speak to your Step into Life Trainer.



How many people are in the group?

That will depend on the time and day of the training session but on average around 8-15 people. It is important that you know that our sessions are designed for all fitness levels, so whether you are fit or just starting to get fit, you don’t have to worry about what anyone else in the group is doing. Your trainer will give personal attention to you during the session so that you work at your own pace.



How much does it cost?

The first session is complimentary and at that session you and the trainer will clearly identify your current level of fitness and your goals. Once we’ve worked out your goals we can recommend the type and frequency of training. Our training rates reduce for the more sessions you do per week and we also have an unlimited sessions per week training option - please refer to your local venue's Location Information Page for current rates.


Is there a contract?

Yes there is. Our minimum training period is a full three months from your commencement date plus any pro-rata period. You need to commit for that amount of time to be able to see a change in your fitness level and to achieve your goals.



Is there a joining fee?

We have a $60 once-off, lifetime membership fee, so if you move you can transfer your membership to any other Step into Life franchise. If you join as an Infinity member (3+ sessions a week), the membership fee is waived.

This membership fee gives you access to all our benefits of membership including: performance reports, fitness evaluation reports which give you feedback on your progress, personal progress diary, successful training and nutrition guide, access to events, access to training packages like achievit and endurit that will be available from time to time and more.



What do you do at these sessions?

All Step into Life sessions provide huge variety. Click below to find out more about our programs:




What happens if I am sick or away for work or holidays?

The first thing your trainer will ask you in this case will be when you can make up the sessions. This is because as your trainer they need to help you stick to your commitment to achieve your goals. If you cannot make up the sessions you are able to suspend your training only when you are going to miss a minimum 1 full week of sessions, if it is just one session you miss, then you need to make it up. You can suspend up to 3 weeks out of every 12 weeks you train, so in the case that you are away for a couple of weeks and you can’t make up all the sessions, you will be able to suspend those sessions and get a credit off your next payment.


What happens if I miss a session?

We are quite flexible on that. You can make up your missed training session at any other session on the timetable by the end of the next calendar month. You just need to let your trainer know which session you would like to attend.