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Win 1-month’s training at any Step into Life venue in Australia.

Wednesday, September 2018

In a unique partnership, McDonald's® and Step into Life have joined forces to promote the benefits of physical activity to all by offering one month of unlimited training at any Step into Life venue throughout Australia as a prize in the hugely popular McDonalds Monopoly Game of Chance returning nationwide in restaurants from September 5 to October 16, 2018.

McDonald's is responding to customers' interest in fitness as part of a balanced lifestyle by introducing a new prize hobby section in its highly successful Monopoly competition. ”Our offer encourages participants to include regular exercise as part of their long-term approach to well-being,” said Kate Mackie, Step into Life NSW State Leader.Being partnered with McDonald’s brings Step into Life to the attention ofa wide audience who otherwise would not know of our existence."

In 2016, there were over 2.1 million downloads of The Monopoly App that acts as a digital wallet for prizes and instant win food offers.

“As personal trainers, we do not chastise our members for the food choices they make for themselves or their families. What we do advocate is a balanced lifestyle. It’s o.k to eat fast food, just not every day and they take the next step to include regular exercise as part of their long-termroutine.

“When it comes to physical fitness Step into Life is totally inclusive because we do not believe that there is anyone who cannot benefit!” Kate continues.

About Step Into Life

Step into Life launched in Melbourne in 1995 as Australia's first Group Outdoor Personal Training program. Success has been built on the culmination of years of research and industry experience.

At Step into Life we believe people drive success, not machines! Group exercise in the fresh air in idyllic surrounds, not only motivates the person to stay on track with their health and fitness, but also contributes to their total wellbeing. As human beings, everyone wants to be socially active, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training provides the opportunity for that to flourish. Now a market leader, Step into Life has more than 100 locations Australia-wide.

Visit to learn more about us.

About McDonald’s Monopoly

Get game tickets by purchasing selected McDonald’s products. Peel the game ticket to reveal three ways to win. Download the Macca’s Monopoly app to scan, stash and redeem your prizes. Further conditions apply.

For Media

For more information on Step Into Life’s involvement with McDonalds Monopoly Game of Chance, please contact Electra Tounis, National Marketing & Franchise Recruitment on 0410 594 710.


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Win 1-month’s training at any Step into Life venue in Australia.