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Why autumn is the best time to get fit

Thursday, April 2017

Why autumn is the best time to get fit

Have you found sticking to your New Year fitness resolution difficult? Check out these five autumn training goals to help get you back on track.

By Harriet Edmund

Forget summer training and the pressure of New Year fitness goals, autumn is the time to really ramp up your commitment to exercise. Why?

Not only is the weather (generally) perfect for training outdoors – no more hot northerlies or stormy weather events – but the kids are usually settled into their routines and work is humming along, which makes it easier to carve out time for consistent training.

In fact, Libby Corben, Personal Trainer from Step into Life Caulfield, says autumn is the best time to get fit.


“This is the goldilocks time of year to get outdoors and start a new routine because the weather is not too hot or too cold,” she says. “Plus, starting now and getting into your routine is important because winter can test your resolve and tempt you into hibernation mode.”

Libby suggests setting a realistic fitness goal now that you can achieve by spring. “This will motivate you and help you stick to your training schedule throughout the shorter and cooler days ahead.”

What’s more, establishing relationships with other members during autumn will help keep you accountable and coming back week-after-week.

Libby adds, even though people have the best intentions to set – and start achieving – New Year fitness goals, the summer holiday period and early months of the year is often a challenging time to build momentum and training consistency.

“Summer is usually a social time and loaded with holiday plans and activities, which makes it difficult to stick to your New Year routines,” she says.

“On the other hand, autumn is a great time of year for starting to actually see the results of your training.

Find an autumn fitness goal that suits you

If you’re looking for a fitness goal to keep you motivated during autumn and winter, Libby has a few suggestions:

  • 1.Enter a spring fun run so that you can work through your training program over the autumn and winter months;
  • 2.Challenge a friend or another member to tick off a certain number of sessions over a set period of time;
  • 3.Think outside the box, and try a type of training you’ve never done before – we offer everything from cardiomax, toneup, boxkick, coreball, powerflex, achievit and endurit;
  • 4.Set a realistic weight loss goal, and combine exercise with a healthy eating plan to achieve it;
  • 5.Book a spring holiday and work back from that date – add the sessions in your calendar between now and the day you fly out.

For more expert advice from PT Libby Corben, read the A-to-Z of exercise during pregnancy.

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Why autumn is the best time to get fit