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Thursday, October 2017

Behind the scenes with West Lakes personal trainer Shannon Barry 

 Want to know what it’s like to be a successful personal trainer? Take a look at a day in the life of this Adelaide PT. 

When Shannon Barry, Step into Life head trainer at West Lakes in South Australia, starts his day it’s still dark outside.

Every morning his alarm is set for 5am. His philosophy is to power through his training and business planning early, so that his afternoons are open for spending time with family and friends.

“I love the flexibility I have as a personal trainer. It means I have control of my days and what I include in them,” says Shannon, who became a personal trainer in 2008.

“Most the time I bust my butt to get things done throughout my day so I can head out in the afternoon and do the things I want to – play with the kids, work on my go-kart or race car, go out for lunch or dinner with my wife, family or friends!”

Shannon is accustomed to rising early and loves meeting his loyal West Lakes crew at 6am for his first group outdoor personal training session of the day.

Afterwards he heads back home for breakfast – typically yoghurt, muesli and a piece of fruit – and gets his children ready for school and day care. “After a quick shower and shave, I shoot out the door by 8:30am to drop Asher off to day care.

Then it’s back to training by 8.50am ready for his 9:15am session. “We finish up about 10.30am and I head home to begin the business portion of my day,” says Shannon.

“I use my Weekly Momentum Planner, which is mapped out on Sunday evening. This lists my tasks and projects for each day for the coming week. It could include texting any members who have missed a session, checking in with members on their training progress, updating member diaries, following up introductions and new members as well as self-development.

“I also use this time to schedule social media posts which could include birthdays, awards and adverts, or planning and recording video content.

Aside from training more than 150 members, Shannon puts himself through his own paces five or six times a week. Usually at around 3pm he will do his own training session covering a variety of workouts.

For example, on Mondays he often does a short run followed by body weight training. Tuesdays it’s weights, Wednesday is a boxkick session, Thursday a HIIT workout, Fridays he goes for a 40-minute run and Sunday’s are often reserved for a long run and body weight training.

By 4pm Shannon’s children are home from school and day care and it’s time to play outside, head to the local playground or go for a bike ride.

“I help whip up some dinner for the family at 5pm and then head off for my evening session at 5:45pm,” he says.

Shannon will arrive back home around 8pm after his final session of the day and sit down for his dinner by 8.30pm. “Dinner generally consists of veggies and meat. It could be a stir fry, pork fillets, steak, chicken, curry – whatever we decide to knock together on the day. No take away here!”

Finally, between 9pm and 10pm it’s time to put his feet and up relax! “I’m in bed by 10pm and we do it all again the next day!”

Shannon has been awarded the Step into Life National Franchise of the Year in 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Read his expert training tips in our blog post How to get the most out of group outdoor personal training .


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