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The perfect ‘matcha’ for winter’s cold weather!

Tuesday, April 2016

Matcha is the health trend on everyone’s lips and we’re spilling the  beans leaves on this trending coffee alternative appearing in café’s everywhere!

While the Japanese have been enjoying it for centuries – it is an ingredient that we’ve only really started to embrace over the last few years.Matcha’s earthy/grassy and slightly bitter traits make it incredibly popular as an ingredient to provide balance in sweet dishes, though by itself it does have a lovely lingering sweetness to it too. Matcha lattes, matcha ice-cream, matcha pancakes, matcha frappes and smoothies, matcha cakes, waffles… it is a flavour that seems to ‘matcha’ with just about anything!

So what is matcha? Essentially, it is a super powered green tea.It is made from green tea leaves though unlike traditionally brewed tea where tea leaves infuse flavour when steeped in hot water, matcha is a powder that has been made from specially grown tea leaves which have been steamed, dried, aged and then ground.

When you are drinking matcha your body absorbs its punch of nutrients more efficiently compared to normal tea, as you are drinking a concentrate of the whole tea leaf and not just an infusion of the tea leaves (many of the nutrients in regular green and black tea end up in the garbage as they aren’t released through the process of steeping).

Among its many super health benefits, matcha is packed with antioxidants (reported between 10 and 130 times the antioxidants of brewed green tea! Including some that aren’t found in other foods), and is a rich source of fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins (C, A, iron, Calcium, zinc and magnesium). It is said to help detox your body, boost your metabolism and burn calories, and due to its unique composition of nutrients and caffeine – the caffeine found in matcha is slowly released into the blood stream resulting in a ‘time-released’ caffeine hit over 6 to 8 hours (avoiding the ‘peak’ and subsequent ‘crash’ of a coffee based caffeine hit).

Have you tried matcha yet? What did you think?

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The perfect ‘matcha’ for winter’s cold weather!