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Step into Life embraces the ‘Body Image Movement’

Thursday, September 2018

Step into life, Australia’s leading group outdoor training provider is on a mission. Not just to improve the wellbeing of communities through physical activity that is fun and social, but also helps women feel good about themselves.

Partnering with Taryn Brumfitt (Founder of The Body Image Movement), Step into Life are inspiring women right across the country to celebrate the journey that their bodies have been on and embrace what they have.

“Too many women feel pressure to attain unrealistic body shapes and sizes, and that has to stop”, says Jacquie Quaine, Step into Life personal trainer & franchisee. “At Step into Life, we want women to be confident in their own skin. That’s good for them and it sets a powerful example forthe next generation of young women.

“Partnering with the Body Image Movement for the ‘Embrace Yourself Tour’ has enabled us to reflect on just how important it is to be kind to yourself, love yourself and value yourself.

“For a lot of people, the intimidation of lycra clad bodies, thigh gaps and rock-hard abs is a huge deterrent to get their exercise regime going. We know that exercise promotes the release of endorphins (happy hormones) and this provides a positive boost to your mood, so it’s important to find a place where you can exercise without the fear of intimidation” explains Jacquie.

Step into Life provides a safe, judgement free environment that is suitable for all ages, body shapes sizes, and fitness levels. Our philosophy is about getting fit in the outdoors where you can have fun, make friends with others just like you and most importantly, come away feeling great!


Taryn Brumfitt

Negative self-talk constantly ran through Taryn’s mind when looking in the mirror, and motivation to get going was low. With her daughter in mind, she decided to make significant changes… not to the way she looks but to the way she feels. Taryn has chosen to embrace who she is and what she’s got, rather than loathe it.

Taryn is now internationally recognised for the creation of the Body Image Movement. Founded to end the global body-hating epidemic, Taryn’s Movement is designed to inspire women to change the way they feel about themselves and value our bodies.

As proud sponsors of the Body Image Movement ‘embrace yourself bus tour’, Step into Life are challenging women throughout Australia to step up the positive self-talk and take time to value who they are.All training sessions for the week will incorporate further discussion about positive body image, and powerful movements designed to help members embrace, and value themselves.


Embrace Yourself Week: 20-26 September


To celebrate and support the Body Image Movement's ‘Embrace Yourself Tour’, Step into Life are launching ‘Embrace yourself week’.

Encouraging members to bring a friend, and non-members to have a go, it kicks off on Thursday 20 September and is specifically designed for participants to feel the way their amazing bodies work and see what it CAN do, in a truly safe and motivated environment.

It’s a complimentary trial week for non-members, so no excuses! All they need to do is head to the website ( and register their details before the class. Turn up, give it a go, and feel amazing.

Visit to learn more about the Body Image Moment, and the embrace yourself bus tour.


About Step Into Life

Step into Life launched in Melbourne in 1995 as Australia's first Group Outdoor Personal Training program. Success has been built on the culmination of years of research and industry experience.

At Step into Life we believe people drive success, not machines! Group exercise in the fresh air in idyllic surrounds, not only motivates the person to stay on track with their health and fitness, but also contributes to their total wellbeing. As human beings, everyone wants to be socially active, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training provides the opportunity for that to flourish. Now a market leader, Step into Life has more than 100 locations Australia-wide.

Visit to learn more about us.


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For more information on Step Into Life’s involvement with McDonalds Monopoly Game of Chance, please contact Electra Tounis, National Marketing & Franchise Recruitment on 0410 594 710.


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Step into Life embraces the ‘Body Image Movement’