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Remarkable member story - Tina

Thursday, August 2019

Meet gym-hating, social butterfly, and mega inspiration Tina.

Tina lost her brother 21 years ago. Her grief and emotional stress was dealt through food, as it temporarily brought comfort. Over the years the weight and emotional barriers piled on. In 2014 cruel comments from a family event, and a photo from the evening, motivated Tina to face her demons and to show up for herself:


The photo of Tina that triggered her to start looking after her health.

“It was then that I made the conscious decision to get down to Step into Life.

We were the solution Tina was after. She finds exercising at home or by herself boring. Plus she likes having a trainer to give her a “kick up the bum”. Tina loves that each session is different and the supportive environment. Plus, joining the sessions has led to life-long friendships:

Jen was supportive, but the entire group was welcoming. No one made me feel I shouldn’t be there. There was no judgement.

Previously, I had attempted to join gyms, but I found them too intimidating. At Step into Life, I felt so comfortable, I completed my week free of training and signed up there and then and that was the start of my healthy journey.
Tina initially lost 20kg but got to a point where her weight plateaued and was struggling to make the right choice and changes. After consulting a series of health and medical professionals, she elected to have sleeve gastrectomy. Tina was afraid of judgement but was relieved when all the support flowed in from her training group, and has learnt life-long lessons to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Tina was determined to never look back. She started working on her stamina and fitness As soon as she was able to get up from the hospital bed. Our trainer modified her sessions until she had recovered from surgery. She is now down 53kg in total.
Tina’s Husband and three children now all exercise and making healthy eating choices. She has also been inspiring friends and strangers through documenting her journey through Instagram:
“My children showed me how to set-up an Instagram account and how to create stories. They were happy to be involved this way and support me with my journey.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing. I have two boys and a daughter and I did not want to set an example that being big means you are unhappy.

At the same time, I was doing nursing and saw machines that were needed to move bigger people, and didn’t want to be like that, where mobility was affected from obesity.

So I used social media to inspire myself, to put pictures up and get likes. The more people began to follow me, the more determined I was to stay on track and continue achieving small goals”.
This has lead to big changes for others:
“I have inspired 10 people to come to Step into Life. And if my journey has helped them to feeling great, then I have achieved what I have set out to do”.
After nearly five years with us, Tina is only getting started. She even completed the Gold Coast marathon -10km. She has also stated that she wanted to one day be a poster girl for Step Info Life, and we are so proud to have her!


Tina mid-race in the 2019 Gold Coast marathon.

Tina encourages everyone and anyone to show up for our upcoming Open Week. During 2-7 September you can try out as many of our classes you like to free. All you have to do is register. A trainer will be in touch to let you know the when and where for your local sessions.



Psst! You can follow Tina’s wellness journey at @tinas_ongoing_journey


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Remarkable member story - Tina