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Remarkable Member Story - Mary and Lara

Monday, August 2019

Sisters Mary and Lara keep showing up. And by doing so they have lost over 80kg together, gained confidence, health, energy and a bunch of new friends. They also love being healthy role models for their family.

It hasn’t been easy. Based in Newport Victoria, Mary and Lara made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle 10 years ago. They have overcome food addiction, injuries and surgeries. In May 2017 they joined us and haven’t looked back. One of the biggest things they love about us is that every session is different, meaning they never get bored with the training.

Our flexible timetable means they can keep working out with hectic work schedules and when fasting for Ramadan. During Ramadan they find it is better to train in the morning. Lara will get up slightly earlier, to enjoy a cup of coffee and drink water before the sun rises. While Mary chooses to have that extra 15mins sleep-in! 

Both Mary and Lara have taken what they have learnt at our sessions when travelling, meaning they’re able to retain an active lifestyle and avoids demotivation. As Mary explains:
“I take a resistance band and find a park to work out. I do not need to visit a gym and feel empowered to work out, even when I am not with the Step Into Life group.”
They have drawn on the support and fun times that comes with joining us as Lara says:

"Members become your family; they text you if you have missed a session, genuinely checking in that you are ok.”

Mary and Lara prove that showing up for yourself usually means you’re showing up for your family too. The sisters are thrilled their active lifestyle is inspiring their family to get fit as well. Their young nephews and niece often ask Lara and Mary to join in on activities. They recently completed the 5k Run for the Kids course with their nephews. Last year, their cousin joined them in the Carman’s Women’s 10km Fun Run and intermittently jogged & walked the course. This year, their cousin is training to run the entire distance.
The best part is Lara and Mary have made a forever lifestyle change. To them exercising is now like “brushing your own teeth”. They have learnt self-control and how to say ‘no’ to family and friends without making things awkward.


Mary & Lara in action down at the park.

A big part of their success has been Bec, their Newport-based trainer:
“Bec is awesome. She gives individual attention and knows your injuries and limitations. She automatically gives modifications out to multiple people, and makes you feel happy you are there & working out. You’re never ostracised and placed in a corner doing other exercises. She empowers everyone and no two sessions are the same.
Mary and Lara encourage everyone who is ready to embrace change, to Show Up at our free open week. Running from 2-7 September 2019 nationwide. Come and try as many of our sessions out as you like.


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Remarkable Member Story - Mary and Lara