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Remarkable member story - Dearrne

Friday, August 2019

Dearnne has been showing up for herself and her kids. She has overcome emotional hurdles and feelings of worthlessness to prioritise herself. Now she is thriving, gained a new mindset and even completed the 5.7kms at the Gold Coast Marathon.

Dearnne is crazy busy. She has four kids and one step daughter ranging from 7-19 years old. She works and does most of the daily parenting duties, as her Hubby works a fly-in and fly-out job. Sometimes he may not come home for months at a time. As Dearnne explains:

“All my efforts were for the kids. I was living for them and leaving nothing left in the tank for myself”.


Dearrne and her beautiful family.

Dearrne felt like she didn’t fit in because she considered herself the ‘big’ girl. Her mental struggle was so consuming that she took herself out of the race to get better.
She always drove past our Lockyer Valley sessions on the school run, but was reluctant to come down and try. She wasn’t sure if she was capable and seeing she was the biggest in size placed further doubt in her mind.
But one day, she was walking around the park and got the courage to approach Naomi, our Lockyer Valley trainer during a session. Dearnne decided to Show Up to the next session which was her turning point to a new life.
Dearnne credits Naomi and the other members having a huge influence on her:
“Naomi was so approachable that I overcame my nerves and insecurities. Knowing I had the support while being down there was awesome. Everyone was welcoming with no judgement. It enabled me to overcome my anxiety of failure and embarrassment.
If I have had a bad day with the kids, I aim to get myself down there and more than likely, burst into tears. Naomi gives me a hug, makes no judgement and takes care of me. The rest follows and after the class, I feel amazing. Then there’s a text message to check on you with “Hope you’re ok? “ It is this personal touch that shows Naomi genuinely cares and that you are loved, no matter what.”
This allowed a new mindset to kick in:
I learnt I can go at my own pace. I'm shown exercise modifications that help me regain confidence and I feel like I belong.
It's OK that I can’t do the whole amount of repetitions or the highest of intensities, because next time I will do more reps or hold a plank longer. “There’s no reason be embarrassed, I can’t do it yet, but I will get there.”
Showing up for herself has had a ripple effect in Deanne’s family. All her kids take part in sport and are building positive body images. She loves showing up for them by doing fun activities together:
“I took my 14 year old son to do the Table Top Mountain walk. He saw me struggling up the hill, but he also saw that I made it to the top. I showed him the importance of trying and not giving up. My son was so proud of me, but also so proud of himself. We had achieved it together.”
Dearnne’s biggest milestone to date has been completing the 5.7km run at the 2019 Gold Coast Marathon. Next year she is going to do it again and beat her time. And her kids are going to do the 2km run.
Dearnne encourages everyone (especially those full of doubt), to Show Up during our free open week. Running from 2-7 September 2019 nationwide, and try as many of our sessions out as you like.



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Remarkable member story - Dearrne