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Remarkable Member Story - Catherine and Liam

Monday, August 2019

First-time parents Catherine & Liam are laying healthy foundations for themselves and their son Archer.

In 2013 Catherine was stuck in a 2 year gym contract. Due to a home relocation and a 1 hour commute, she was unable to attend most of the classes. Her husband Liam was at footy training most nights and Catherine needed an affordable and flexible solution to gain her fitness. This is when Liam’s mum introduced her to Step into Life. Liam joined a year later after seeing how much Catherine enjoyed the sessions.

Catherine loved that she was not locked into a membership. She was won over with each session being different, the knowledgeable and supportive trainers who cater to all levels of fitness and injuries:

Sarah and Nicky from Mordialloc know what you are cable of and work to that. They are caring, they take the time to get to know you and your goals and help you achieve them.

In 2017 they welcomed their boy Archer in the world, making it a truly family affair:

Nicky and previous owner Dave, were great during my pregnancy. Firstly, they kept it a secret until I was ready to tell everyone. They educated me on what I could and could not do. I trained up to 34 weeks and was told by nurses and my Obstetrician that I recovered quickly from the birth because I trained throughout it.

After having a child Step into Life is an outlet to do something for me. It’s a break from the craziness and home life. I often like to go to sessions on the days that I’m not working to get a break and have some ‘me time’.I feel better, happier and fitter after doing a session. I am more productive, have extra energy, happier and a more tolerable mother and employee.

Catherine and Archer having fun down at the park

I have a health issue with my leg and have been unable to be as active as I want to be/ use to be however the trainers a step into life make sure that I can still participate in each session and that still get as much out of it as I use to. They modify activities I can’t do and still push me to active results.

Catherine appreciates the community that now surrounds her family:

We love the social side of Step into Life, you don’t get that at other gyms. We love that you know everyone in the session and if you don’t go for a while, people ask where you have been. This helps you be accountable to your sessions but also makes you feel valued.

Step into Life has become part of our community. As Liam and I both train there we have both got to know all the members. We love how friendly and welcoming everyone is and when you go to a session you have a chat and laugh with everyone. This makes the sessions more enjoyable. We have attended different social events and when we bring Archer (our son) everyone makes him feel welcome too. Our Saturday mornings have become a big part of our weekly routine. I go to a session and Liam brings Archer down for his session. Archer loves running around the oval, watching people train being a part of the community. He has even start to copy some of the exercises.

Catherine and Liam are encouraging families to show up to our Open Week. Running from 2-7 September 2019 nationwide, register and try as many of our sessions out as you like.


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Remarkable Member Story - Catherine and Liam