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Remarkable Member Story - Arthur

Monday, August 2019

Arthur’s story proves it is never too late to show up for yourself.

Arthur Scott joined our East Victoria Park training group three years ago. He was on medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure. His doctor was encouraging him to exercise but Arthur finally joined us to improve his golf game:

“A golf coach said I should look at improving my overall fitness in order to improve my golf. I was not moving very well at the time. I was overweight, had weak muscles, my shoulder joints (in particular) kept breaking down, eventually requiring me to have surgery”.

This decision ended up changing his life:

“I have participated in dietary and exercise challenges along the way, managing to lose about 13kg since I started at Step into Life.Although losing weight and building a bit of muscle has been good for aesthetic reasons, it has by no means been the greatest benefit. When I started training, I was taking regular medication for elevated cholesterol and triglycerides in my blood. I was taking medication daily for high blood pressure and had regular heartburn and tummy problems because of the pressure all the extra weight was placing on my diaphragm.

I had not been sleeping well for years. Since beginning training, I have not needed any of the medication for more than two years now, and at my last check-up a few months back all my markers came back normal, and in some cases better than normal. My sleep has improved dramatically, and one of incentives for doing a good workout is the fact that I sleep so much better afterwards. None of this may come as a surprise to anybody who exercises regularly, but it did to me. I had become very narrow in my outlook thinking the cards life deals you, just require acceptance, and while this may be true for certain aspects of life, it is not the case for health and fitness. It is possible to change your lifestyle and as a result your health and ultimately your life”.

Arthur always had good intentions to change his lifestyle, but found his gym lacked the community, support and fun factor found in our sessions:

“It feels like a group of friends getting together to get fit and have a fun. This, of course makes it much easier to remain consistent, which I believe is the biggest part of reaching a long-term goal like getting fitter and stronger.

All the trainers are inclusive, encouraging and have a lot of enthusiasm to reach your goals.They take the time to find out how you are going, where you are struggling and what you are capable of. The fact they work with you individually is an important aspect for me. Exercise and getting fit is an ongoing journey with no end. You often take two steps forward and one step back.Whether its injuries, work challenges or family issues and you have had a set-back, Paula and her trainers would tell me “that it’s ok, now let’s get back on that bus and get you back to where you were” and guide me along. And as I became fitter, stronger and better at things, they would push you a little harder. Ultimately fitness is a journey and the trainers are there on that journey with you.

Arthur enjoying a boxkick session.

I now run regularly (and enjoy it!) thanks largely to encouragement and support from Paula and Deb. I have completed a half marathon and a few shorter runs over the last couple of years, recently setting a PB for a 12km run. I had for many years had the ambition to run regularly, but prior to joining Step into Life had never managed it”.

Arthur's showing up for himself has led to him showing up for his family:

“Previously when I was struggling with my back pain and lack of sleep, I would withdraw and exclude myself from my family. Today I am healthier and can move well. It has opened a world of opportunities. I Feel inclusive and can experience treasured family moments. When we go away with the family, I can participate in leisurely walks and even beat the pack!Before they used to leave me behind due to my incapacitation of following them.

Plus, my family has also made changes to their life and become more health conscious since following my journey”.

Arthur’s friends and colleagues have been amazed by his transformation inspiring some to join him. Their support helps Arthur stay motivated:

“My friends provided continual support and encouragement and hearing their positive comments around looking better or moving better, wanted me to keep going and stick with it”.

In a few short years, Arthur’s whole life has changed:

“My doctor had told me that I was going to be on meds for the rest of my life.Nowadays, I no longer need tablets and my blood pressure has stabilised, my back pain has disappeared, I sleep well and can move my body. I can’t be happier”.

Arthur is encouraging others to show up to our Open Week. Running national wide from 2-7 September 2019, register and try as many of our sessions out as you like.


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Remarkable Member Story - Arthur