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Post-Easter eating – what you should to know

Tuesday, April 2018

How to get your fix, not a fill this Easter, with expert advice from PT Shannon Barry, of Step into Life West Lakes.

By Harriet Edmund


First things first – happy Easter! Whether you are going on holiday, spending time with family and friends, training hard or planning on some well-earned R&R, personal trainer Shannon Barry has some important advice.

“It is okay to indulge in the occasional hot cross bun, Easter egg, chocolate bilby or glass of wine! But, you need to be sure that you don’t turn the occasional treat into an everyday thing,” he says.

The key to Easter eating and exercise is to NOT feel guilty about having a treat. So, there is no need to put yourself on a post-Easter detox or commit to more training sessions than your normal routine.

“If you feel guilty about enjoying yourself during this time, then it’s counter-productive in the long run,” says Shannon.


Work on the idea of getting your fix – not a fill – of Easter treats, suggests Shannon.

“Eat a small amount and savour the flavours, rather than eating a huge amount that will fill you up with too many calories.”

The good news is, scientific evidence supports the health benefits of cacao and dark chocolate. In fact, cacao – known as one of the purest forms of chocolate – is considered a super food!

According to Cleveland Clinic, research shows flavanols found in dark chocolate can have a positive effect on heart health by helping lower your blood pressure and improve blood flow to your heart and brain.

So, why not reach for the high antioxidant, magnesium and minerals rich variety of chocolate treats this weekend?



When it comes to your training, Shannon says it’s important to keep up some form of activity over the Easter period to prevent falling out of your exercise routine.

“If you’re not going to be powering through your regular Step into Life sessions during the Easter holidays, head out for a morning run, walk, ride or activity to get your day started.”

If you do have a break from all forms of activity over Easter, it’s best to ease back into your routine gradually.

Try to resume the frequency of your regularly training sessions, but reduce the intensity for a least the first couple of times back at Step into Life after the break.

“This will reduce the chance of any injury and allow you to get back into the groove without too much hassle,” says Shannon.

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Post-Easter eating – what you should to know