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Part 2: Five tips for our awesome beginner runners!

Tuesday, September 2019

In part 1, we covered the importance of investing in a running training plan and equipping yourself with the right gear.  Part 2 centres around hydration, nutrition and mental preparation to reach that start line and achieve your on-day goals. 


Again, I’m going with a Captain Obvious tip here, but your pre-run nutrition while training and for event day is important. Before any training run/session, please make sure you are adequately hydrated. If you are planning an early morning run yet you can’t resist going out the night before and partaking of a few + alcoholic beverages, I might re-think the run distance and/or intensity of your training run. If you are a good sweater, I would recommend taking one serve of an electrolyte drink (found in any Pharmacy) along with more water, before training runs or the Perth Running Festival Day to make sure you’re well hydrated.

Some people like to eat before running, some don’t, but if you are likely to be out running for over an hour I would highly recommend you do eat something before running to keep your energy up. A banana and/or toast with peanut butter are 2 handy options before a morning run. If you can eat 1.5 to 2 hours before running, you should be A-OK come run time. If you eat and hydrate well before the 4km or 10km events, you shouldn’t need to eat anything during these runs* but can definitely grab a drink at the water stations. Whatever you do in terms of eating before running, again you must try it and be happy with it before event day. Don’t go buying gels etc. because experienced runner John Jones up the street swears by them – you need to know that it works for you!



Now before you write this off as hippy dippy baloney (that’s for the Lego movie fans) – the longer you are out there running, the more important your mental game becomes. If you are one of those people that say ‘I’m not a runner, not really good at it, never will be’ and so on, you are already making your run day more difficult. I’ll put money on that as soon as it gets a bit tough on event day, you also chime in with a bit of ‘why did I do this, I’m not a runner, this hurts so bad, I could walk, no I don’t want to walk, how long to go, this is awful, why did I do this, how am I going to finish?’ If any of that sounds familiar, we definitely need to get some mental game practice going and it can start in the form of a daily affirmation. A sentence you say to yourself and it will start with an ‘I am …..’ or an ‘I can ….’. For example,  ‘I am going to train with a smile today, because I am lucky enough to be able to run’ or ‘I can have a good active recovery day today because yesterday I got through my training when it was tough’.

Next part of your mental game is your self-talk when running. Every time it gets a bit tough during training or on event day, and it will, tell yourself you will get there, you got through training yesterday, you can do this, it’s not forever, I will feel awesome when this is done, and I can do it! Yep, there will be days when that feels impossible to do, but hold your head up – you are doing something that is tough and the things we cherish most in life don’t come easy do they? Believe in yourself, positive self talk and I promise, it can be a lot nicer out there running.


*This advice is for people with no other health issues. Should you have health issues that affect your running training/energy etc, please seek professional advice before event day. Being that nutrition is not our primary field of expertise as a Personal Trainer, I have given you some general advice. Should you wish to gain more detailed personal advice, I would highly recommend gaining a referral for a Nutritionist or Dietitian.

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Author: Mel Cathie, Step into Life South Perth, WA.



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Part 2: Five tips for our awesome beginner runners!