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Part 1: Five tips for our awesome beginner runners!

Tuesday, September 2019

First up a smashing high five to you if you are considering giving your first fun run a go, whatever distance you choose! It is a brilliant achievement and one that is truly worth putting some effort into, which leads me to give you a two-part blog series that covers our five hot tips to make your first running event day a super experience.



It’s going to sound extremely obvious, and it can be the tough bit - you need to do some training to be best prepared to run one of the Perth Running Festival events. It gets more obvious a comment the greater the distance you plan to run, but it is so important that you do some training so that event day isn’t a trip straight to Struggle Town! I think the big issue with training is that it is tough to get started and run training can be perceived as…dare I say it…..boring!! That’s why we are spicing things up with our free Sunday run training for the event. You get to join a likeminded group of people and we will throw some fun training at you that isn’t just pounding the pavement solo! You could also check out one of our event training plans. We’ve created them for the recreational runner, the runner that may (from-time-to–time) find their run training gets a tad boring. So grab a buddy and give it a whirl together.


Following on from tip #1, comes the please don’t dive straight into long runs if you haven’t done them for a while tip. How many of you have heard, or have even said yourself the ole ‘back in my 20’s I was running 10kms twice a week’ or something quite similar and now in your 40’s you dart out for a quick 8kms because you used to do that no worries?? It’s a big please don’t do that from us team! Getting yourself injured after one training run will likely put a big dent in your training mojo so if you haven’t run for a while (that being more than 8 weeks ago) build your training up slowly. By slowly, we mean starting out with a 1 min jog-1 min walk lap of your block for example. See how it feels and build slowly from there (longer jogs, less walk and building up distance from there). It’s much better to start easier than jump in for a long run and feel terrible or worse, injure yourself.

We also have some great training plans that make sure you do only build up slowly, so check them out!



Good running equipment is another great way to avoid some of the niggles that come with running eg. Chaffing, blisters. Running shoes that are best suited to your foot and running style is super important. There is a Centre for Running in Perth that is great for this - not just looking at your footprint, but also how you run. Running clothes that are lightweight and breathable is great and you must try them in your training sessions before event day! This includes underwear!! So whatever distance you are planning to run at the Perth Running Festival, try to run that distance or close to it in the shoes and clothes (and underwear) that you plan to wear on event day. It might sound crazy, but you can thank me later when you avoid chaff on event day because you found out about it in a training run and then protected yourself for event day. (Ladies – I use fixomull tape from the Pharmacy to prevent bra chaff.)


Attend A FREE Step into Life Training Run

Step Into Life has teamed up to support the Perth Running Festival in 2019 to get you race-ready for this year's event at Optus Stadium on Sunday October 6th. 

If you are running in the Perth Running Festival for the first time this October, or if you’re a returning runner looking to make some improvements to your fitness, these sessions are for you – and best of all they’re FREE!
Training Run sessions will take place in multiple suburbs across Perth, each and every Sunday until event day in October.
  • All Fitness levels welcome!
  • Get training for the 4km, 10km, 21.1km and 42.2km!
  • Professional Trainers at each and every session!
  • Join in for FREE even if you’re not running the Perth Running Festival in 2019, we’d love to meet you!
  • Get help with Goal setting and strategy to meet your fitness goals.

Author: Mel Cathie, Step into Life South Perth, WA.



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Part 1: Five tips for our awesome beginner runners!