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New You Participants become Fitter, Stronger, Healthier and Leaner

Tuesday, May 2019

Step into Life participants are reaping the rewards from their recent New You campaign with a staggering 1262kg lost, that’s an average fat loss of 1.9kg and a reduction of visceral fat levels by 0.9.Australians and New Zealanders followed an 8-week training, nutritional and support programme to get back into life and feel great!

“Our members were looking for a lifestyle program that created positive mindset changes and advice around balanced eating, exercise and general wellbeing, “ explained Step Into Life Marketing Manager, Electra Tounis. “We partnered with Back to My Body and Wellness Solutions Australia to deliver a complete approach that didn’t singularly focus on just kilogram loss.

“Body composition scanning is the perfect tool to educate and change traditional perceptions about rating success solely off scale movement. There are so many other factors that need to be considered,” Electra said.

“Muscle gain, fat loss, and visceral fat change, along with hydration are equally important health metrics that should be assessed collectively when wanting to assess overall health and wellbeing. Many females are obsessed about progression based off scales, yet lean muscle mass weighs three times more than fat. Significant positive changes in fat loss can still occur while the scales have not changed. Unfortunately, in many instances, females that experience small incremental changes or plateaus on the scales, spiral into a negative mindset that may make them give up and quit.”

Step into Life members highly value the use of body composition scanning metrics and see it as a motivation tool to understand their results and set the next phase of health-related goals. The best individual result was recorded by Tracey Brown from Step into Life Wodonga, VIC. She increased her skeletal muscle mass by 2.7kg, lost 9.6 kg of body fat and halved her visceral fat level from 16 to 9.

“The results of my second scan, proved to me that the combination of healthy eating, exercise and support is the way to go for me,” Tracey said “I found the program as a whole to be very effective and user friendly. The first scan was a great starting point with all the information needed for my trainer, Sarah, to fine tune my sessions to achieve my goals. In addition, the daily meal plan helped me bring portion sizes under control and provided me with lots of new healthy recipes and snacks that my family enjoyed as much as I did.”

Step into Life partnered with Back to My Body to deliver participants with individually created meal plans based on their precise dietary needs—from specific health related goals and dietary preferences, to meal preparation.

Back to My Body uses a unique algorithm so finely-tuned clients can set their daily meal plans to only show cold breakfasts, excludes meals with eggs, vegetarian options for two days a week and accommodates dinner recipes for a family of five.

“We have had overwhelming positive feedback from our partnership that has seen a third of our NEW YOU participants continue with our ancillary nutritional services,” said Electra.

Unlike other gyms and health-related services that offer an online one-size fits all calorie count, Step into Life offers a truly customised program with incredible results.

Step into Life trainer, Ing Ong from Meadowbank, NSW, saw her participants lose an average of 4.2kgs of fat loss, 2.6kgs visceral fat and 1.3kg muscle mass increase.

Ing believes her success was simply a 100% commitment by her and her participants. Ing explained “I made everyone promise that they would attend three sessions a week. If a session was missed, then they had to run a minimum of 5.5km, follow the Back to My Body meal plan faithfully, weigh in weekly and add extra exercise they love doing into their weekly routine. My members had to sign up to a running app which allows me to follow their activities and keep track of who was completing their runs and keep them accountable.I also mixed the routine with some exercise challenges before each session ends to add some fun.”

Success was driven from Ing’s dedicated approach to providing support during the program that was challenging but had lots of fun.

“I made myself available during the day to meet for extra one-on-one training. I would go on walks, or runs with members, meet them down at the park to do extra exercise (mostly correction of exercise moves or running technique ), before a session and even drove members home, because they elected to run to the park first before joining a class” said Ing. “It is all about personal touches—providing the “individual” support each member needed to boost their passions to achieve the very best results possible.”

Step into Life believe people drive success, not machines. Group exercise in the fresh air in idyllic surrounds motivates clients to stay on track with their health and fitness and contributes to their total wellbeing.

As human beings, everyone wants to be socially active, feel safe and have a sense of belonging. Step into Life Group Outdoor Personal Training provides the opportunity for that to flourish. Now a market leader, Step into Life has more than 80 locations Australia-wide.

Step into Life launched in Melbourne in 1995 as Australia's first Group Outdoor Personal Training program. Success has been built on the culmination of years of research and industry experience.

For more information about joining the program or becoming a trainer visit Step into Life today (

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New You Participants become Fitter, Stronger, Healthier and Leaner