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New business opportunities for beginner personal trainers

Thursday, August 2017


New business opportunities for beginner personal trainers 

 Interested in becoming a personal trainer? Step into Life founder Larry Cohen explains the challenges new PTs face, and easy ways to get a foothold in today’s competitive marketplace.

Today, more than ever, emerging personal trainers are faced with obstacles that can derail their business before it’s properly begun. So, we ask Larry Cohen, Step into Life founder and long-term personal trainer, to share his secrets to business success in today’s competitive marketplace.

What challenges do today’s emerging personal trainers face?

There’s no doubt new PTs are facing a tough climate to operate in. Right now, the economy is generally slow and consumer confidence low. This means less spending of disposable income and a tougher environment in which to operate a small personal training business.

How can new PTs get a foothold in the fitness industry?

Our research shows accessing a proven system and established brand recognition is the best way to establish a small personal training business. For example, new data shows Step into Life franchisees experience above market-average success.

  • The average Step into Life membership is 18-months. By comparison, the majority of other PT services fail to retain clients past six months, according to a 2016 Fitness Australia report.
  • The average tenure of a Step into Life business partner is six years. The Fitness Industry Workforce Report 2010-2020 showed the average lifespan of a fitness professional, sole trading business was two years.
  • The average turnover of our business partners for the past 12 months was just over $100,000, and the median was $92,000.

How much does it cost for a Step into Life start up business package?

To help emerging PTs get established in the fitness industry, we’re offering a special start up business package. This provides new trainers with access to 22 years of successful Step into Life branding and proven business systems.

To do this, we want to remove the financial obstacles many trainers face by offering a start up package for just $10,000 with a minimum commitment of three years – this is normally valued at $40,000.

What’s included?

By joining the market leader in Group Outdoor Personal Training (we operate in more than 150 locations nationwide), you receive:

Induction training and access to the Step into Life brand and Group Outdoor Personal Training system

A marketing launch package to support new business owners during the first two months, followed by ongoing access to proven Step into Life branding techniques and campaigns

7 Step into Life programs and more than 400 training plans

Access to the equipment needed for establishing a PT business, leased at competitive rates

A variety of member-retention programs created by an expert national marketing team

Exclusive business territory to operate in

And much more.

Find out more about becoming a Step into Life personal training business, including the five essential systems new PTs should have in place.


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New business opportunities for beginner personal trainers