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Movie Munchies! Healthy Treats For The Cinema

Wednesday, February 2015

It’s awards season in America and the entertainment world is buzzing with everything to do with the silver screen. Whether you’re heading to the flicks to see what the hype is all about or are spending the night in with a cinema classic, we’ve got you covered with some of our favourite movie munchies! Swap the bucket of sugary cola for a hydrating bottle of water, then ditch the calorie covered candy bar snacks and give these delish and nutritious movie treats a try.


You no longer have to hold out for a trip to your favourite Japanese restaurant or sushi bar to chow down on these tasty green pods of protein; check your frozen section of your local supermarket!

Edamame are young soybeans that have been harvested before the beans have had a chance to harden and are a popular snack or appetiser in many parts of Asia. They’re naturally gluten-free and low calorie; they contain no cholesterol and are an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium.'

Movie to snack with: Memoirs of a Geisha! If the kids are around, treat them to some magical Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli – think My Neighbour Totoro, or Spirited Away!

 Nuts or seeds

Peanuts, cashews, pistachios, brazil nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds – take along a snack sized bag of your favourite or a mix of your favourites with you on your next trip to the big screen!

Movie to snack with: We could say The Nutty Professor, but Jim Carey is a pretty nutty guy! Think 90s Jim Carey like The Mask or Ace Ventura: Pet Detective…


Popcorn itself is a delicious and surprisingly antioxidant-packed snack – there’s no need to completely shun this innocent whole grain because of the bad rap received by its salty and ‘butter’ drenched cousin. Air pop those golden kernels at home with a sprinkle of sea salt, or if you’re after something a little more - enjoy them as a sweet treat with a sprinkle of brown sugar and a good dash of cinnamon. In the mood for something more savoury? Try mixing through a good helping of grated parmesan cheese and topped with a drizzle of olive oil combined with some fresh finely chopped rosemary and touch of minced garlic!

Movie to snack with: Pair this classic snack with just about any cinema classic!


Baked apple chips

Don’t be put off - you don’t need a dehydrator to make these beauties! Take advantage of the season’s sweetness by baking thinly sliced apples with just a sprinkling of cinnamon in the oven at a low heat for a few hours (Spread slices on a lined baking tray and bake at 100°C for 1 hour, before flipping and baking for a second hour or until they’re no longer moist)

Movie to snack with: Twilight? Maybe not. How about a Disney classic like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?


Any no-mess fruit!

Pop your grapes in the freezer so by the time it comes to movie time you’ve got a tasty chilled treat to chow down on. The frozen grapes will taste like little bites of sorbet!

Movie to snack with: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, because Johnny Depp was just as handsome then as he is now!

What’s your favourite healthy snack to take to the movies or enjoy in front of the TV?


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Movie Munchies! Healthy Treats For The Cinema