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Meet our (inspirational) Training Club Legends

Wednesday, October 2016

Whether you’re training for a running event, trying to lose weight or build muscle you get bonus points for just turning up.

Let’s face it, we all love feeling fit and healthy, right? Well, none more so than our inspirational Training Club Legends.

Starting this month, Step into Life is honouring members who achieve the milestone of 10,000 Training Club points. Because, quite simply, they are legends!

These are the men and women who have attended more than 1000 sessions, which on average takes six years.

Step into Life founder Larry Cohen says: “They are part of an elite group, revered by other members nationally for their fitness and health achievement as they know how to maintain their training over a prolonged period.”

Larry launched Training Club to help members set and achieve personal fitness goals. Ten points are awarded every session and milestones of 200 to 10,000 points are celebrated with your Step into Life team.

“We get it,” says Larry, “sometimes it’s difficult to set your own fitness goals, that’s why this program is a simple way for everyone to participate and work towards achieving great things.”

“Reaching 10,000 Training Club points is the equivalent to someone achieving their black belt in karate, that’s why we are extremely proud of our Training Club Legends.”

This month, 23 members will be recognised for achieving this status including Maggie and Colin Aburn from Ivanhoe Step into Life, who joined in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Maggie says the couple’s biggest fitness achievements include completing the Oxfam trail walker twice and the 2015 Queenstown Marathon. However, she adds, the main reason for continuing with Step into Life is because of the social aspect of training with good friends made over many years.

And their secret to long-term fitness?

“We have made our sessions part of our weekly routine, and the fact that we both do it makes it even easier to keep turning up,” says Maggie.

“It is better to sustain a habit than to stop and restart. As people lead busy lives I think they should be able to feel comfortable to turn up – even when they do not feel like putting in much effort – and be encouraged for their participation.”

Maggie says, while having personal fitness goals is important, outdoor personal training with Step into Life has also been rewarding because of the encouragements members give to each other, as well as the expertise shared by the trainers.

Congratulations to our Training Club Legends:

  • Maggie and Colin Aburn, Step into Life Ivanhoe
  • Kerri Rutherford, Step into Life Albury
  • Julie Knorpp, Step into Life Albury
  • Elizabeth Rand, Step into Life Caulfield
  • Helen McMillian, Step into Life Kew
  • Trevor Brown, Step into Life Moonee Ponds
  • Kristie Gliddon, Step into Life Glenhaven
  • Blaire, Step into Life Yarraville
  • Eleanor Peters, Step into Life West Lakes
  • Carol Lewis, Step into Life West Lakes
  • Steve Poppy, Step into Life West Lakes
  • Jim Yates, Step into Life Mawson Lakes
  • Sharon McRae, Step into Life Mordialloc
  • Helen Gemmell Step into Life Queens Park
  • Diana Zanatta Step into Life Ivanhoe
  • Sandra Johnson Step into Life West Pennant Hills
  • Norma Dye Step into Life Modbury
  • Rosemary McGinnes Step into Life Kew
  • Michelle Torphy Step into Life Kew
  • Margie Rossi Step into Life Golden Grove
  • Cindy Salske Step into Life Albury
  • Celeste Dunn Step into Life Queens Park

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By Harriet Edmund


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Meet our (inspirational) Training Club Legends