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March ‘Best on Ground’

Monday, April 2017

March ‘Best on Ground’ Award – Step into Life Mitcham SA!

Consistency is the theme for success in March

Mel Hall, Owner and Head Personal Trainer of Step into Life Mitcham in SA, wins Step into Life franchisee of the Month ‘Best on Ground’ (BOG) Award for March.

So how did Mel get there? Mel, a franchise owner for XX years believes it was just being consistent in delivering our service and being sure to connect with people all the way through the process. “March came together in terms of statistics, but the work I have been doing is the same as it has always been every other month,” she explains.

Building trust and forging relationships

Growing the team is all about developing relationships by building trust. “Building trust with new enquiries and new introductions to the park and getting a good sense of what people want to achieve from the get go is extremely important,” says Mel.“If they are not ready now, that’s okay.Staying in contact with them is crucial, as it shows you care and empathise with them when “life” events sometimes get in the way.”

In the enquiry and trial stage, it’s important that they understand the complete package.“Explaining what they are buying; the sessions and training, the fitness progress tracking and accountability, Training Club motivation and goal setting program etc, “ says Mel.

Happy members means a happy business

Great customer service can’t be beat when it comes to member referrals.“Having another conversation with new members at the one month mark to find out what changes they have noticed and ask whether they know anyone else who may benefit like they do,” says Mel.

Consistency with Training Club awards is also an important part of the members training experience. “I love Training Club as a member myself so that is reflected in the pride the Mitcham members have for Training Club and the engagement with the milestones.Plus, keeping in regular contact with members about their goals and how they are progressing.With every fitness evaluation report, members receive a message from me about their results.”

What’s Mel looking forward to?

“I'm excited about Winter because this is a great time for members to train and work hard toward goals as the body doesn't overheat.It's a great defence against “season affective disorder”, a great time to build the immune system and to get Spring/Summer body ready,” says Mel.

“As outdoor fitness professionals and leaders, this is the time we need to step it up.I don't mean trying to just cling to current members, I mean, be active with our marketing and recruitment because people want results any time of the year. We offer fitness, not the weather.”

Check out Mel’s tips for getting winter training ready for members >>>


The Best on Ground (“BOG”) is a national monthly franchise competition that has been running within the Step into Life organisation for many years. It encompasses all of the key performance indicators in the business and allocates points for best performance in those areas. The BOG rewards franchise partners for consistent business performance and adherence to the business systems that make the Step into Life business model successful. 









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March ‘Best on Ground’