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Logo Revitalisation Announcement

Wednesday, October 2018

As Step into Life continues its Australian and International journey in creating fitter and healthier communities, the recent ownership changeover has accelerated the evolution of its brand identity. As Electra Tounis, National Marketing & Franchise Recruitment puts it: “The Leadership team saw the changeover as an ideal opportunity to revitalise the brand to support our new vision that focuses on fun, fitness, friendship and fresh air to make our members feel great!

We are confident that this will create organic opportunities for growth and generate long term benefits for the company going forward.

“We want our brand to be aspirational and our long-term ambition is ‘to be our members’ favourite place to exercise’. Simply because of the way it makes them feel. We know many of our members have membership at backup gyms and are regular participants in other sport activities. They stick with Step into Life because we are offer more than just fitness. Our holistic approach to fitness makes them feel great!

“We know our trainers are at their best when delivering on this promise.They are people-person and it’s what they love to do.I hear it all the time from our members and share their experiences when I attend those same sessions. As does our CEO who makes a point of participating in the full range of activities that we offer” says Electra. “Where we differ from the high volume, intermittently staffed, 24/7 gyms is that Step into Life actually offers a personalised approach to wellbeing. There’s no magic formula! Just quality service tailored to individual needs, that delivers promised results and sustained personal satisfaction.”

Electra finishes, “Our revitalised logo and brand story will help communities recognise who we are, what we stand for and most importantly, what we will deliver.”



Our Brand Story

Let us inspire you to lead an active and healthy life.

It’s no secret that exercise delivers wide range of health benefits. In many respects exercise is the ultimate cure but for most people, life’s daily challenges make time the obstacle. Your time is valuable, so you want to get the most out of it that you can. We understand that your wellbeing journey is different from others. That’s why at Step into Life, we take the time to listen to what you want, help you understand what your body has been through and shape a lifestyle exercise plan to achieve your goals and live a brighter life. We help discover a world of fun and social interaction with outdoor exercise routines that are never the same. You learn to embrace your body strengths and compensate for your weaknesses. Ultimately, you understand that taking time out to treat yourself properly, makes you feel great and really does lift your mood and create happiness. Who doesn’t want to be happy!

Our new arrow graphic has been designed to mirror this philosophy. The arrows link representing our partnership and they build as we work incrementally to achieving your goals. Keeping true to our outdoor experience, we have retained our corporate colours of blue and green representing the sky and grass. Nothing beats exercising in the outdoors and breathing in the fresh air.Did you know just 20 minutes of exercising outside is equivalent to drinking one cup of coffee in terms of its energy-boosting effects? Exercise can be your new caffeine addiction!

So, our new logo is about us moving forward together to make your life brighter through fun, fitness, friendship in the fresh air. Step into Life and ‘feel great’!


What does this mean to members and the public?

Step into Life are going to follow a SLOW roll-out and mirror the same approach that much larger organisations have successfully adopted.

Over the next year or so, you will see a hybrid of branding, but due to our strategy of retaining the typography and colouring, the difference will be minimal. And as time goes by; company material, clothing, equipment and signage will be replaced with our new, fresh and modern look.

We have exciting times ahead and we look forward to sharing this journey with you.



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Logo Revitalisation Announcement