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Join the club! Step into Life’s Training Club

Wednesday, August 2014

Finding yourself a little confused about all of this “Training Club” business at your local Step into Life? Take a seat, dear member, and allow us to tell you what it’s all about!

The low-down
Step into Life’s Training Club program is our very own goal setting and incentive program, for members just like you. Training Club is all about giving you attainable goals, keeping you motivated, and on track, and Step into Life will do everything we can to help support you on your health and fitness journey while you earn Training Club Points along the way. What’s not to love about that?

How does it work?
Step into Life Training Club Points are awarded based on the total amount of time you’ve personally invested in your training. If you’re only training with one session per week, it will usually take you significantly longer to earn a Training Club Award than, for example, your training buddy who heads along to 3 sessions per week, rain hail or shine!

At every Step into Life training session, you’ll work hard and earn points for time spent working up a sweat. Every session you attend earns you 10 Training Club Points, and your Trainer will keep track of this. If you want to know how many Training Club Points your hard work has earned you to date, then simply ask your Trainer or check the fortnightly progress report that your Trainer emails you!

Training Club Milestones
The barometer represents the levels of Training Club achievement, and you can reward yourself at each level with a T-shirt or singlet designed to acknowledge your incredible commitment to your health and fitness goals. Our members sport their Training Club gear with pride, so next time you see your fitness friends at Step into Life sporting a Training Club top, give them the kudos they deserve!

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Join the club! Step into Life’s Training Club