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How to Find Motivation to Exercise

Monday, August 2019

What’s stopping you from exercising?

We're all familiar with the most common reasons we don't exercise — we're too busy, too tired, it's too boring etc. But are those reasons or are they excuses? The real reasons we don't exercise often go a little deeper.
Motivation isn't something that just happens to you, but something you create for yourself. Exercise may be all about moving the body, but you won't get anywhere until you move your mind first. Getting past your mental roadblocks can open the door for new ideas and new attitudes.
1. Accept the fact that you have to exercise
If you spend most of your time sitting and you want to lose weight and get healthy, exercise is a must. Nothing, no pill or diet or surgical procedure can take the place of being active. Making peace with that fact often makes doing it a little easier. Plus if you can get yourself down to the park, our trainers can take care of the rest!
2. Acknowledge your lifestyle
We all have different lifestyles, so there is no one-fits-all approach to creating that perfect exercise schedule. Life; family, friendships, work, holidays and experiences are all important to us. But, these things can also contribute to our health problems if we let them take over. Acknowledging your responsibility as well as a need to find balance brings you one step closer to changing how you live. Organise a time to catch up with your local trainer and they can help you shape a realistic exercise schedule that is sustainable.
3. Make exercise mean something to you
For many people, exercise is a means to an end — a way to lose weight and get that perfect body...or at least a better one than they have now. Future goals are nice, but there's another part to the equation that, when missing, makes exercise hard to stick to. At Step into Life, we build in group participation from; fun runs, to obstacle courses, long walks and stair climbs to give your workouts a purpose. Our members find that having a future event to work towards, helps provide a worthwhile meaning and reason to keep coming back!
So, what does exercise mean to you besides a way to lose weight? Is there any value, outside of your weight loss goals, to working out? Is it a way to reduce stress and keep your energy up or is it the only time you get to yourself each day? Find your own value and meaning and you'll find your motivation.
Getting started
We recognise that mental exercise blocks can be hard to get past and it might take a few attempts to get started. You don't have to turn your whole life upside down. Instead, take small, simple steps to start living a healthier lifestyle and feel great!
Here’s the good news. Step into Life are having a FREE Open Week, running nationally from 2 – 7 Sep 2019. This is an ideal opportunity to SHOW UP with a friend or loved one to our FREE Open Week & try as many classes as you like.
PLUS - exercising with a friend or loved one is always funner!
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How to Find Motivation to Exercise