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Final Logo

Thursday, November 2018

Our previous logo announcement was the result of consultation with two different graphic designers and hours of evaluating various design concepts with support from a panel. The brief provided to both designers was the same: develop a logo that represents the philosophy of Step into Life, specifically moving forward together to develop fitter, healthier and socially engaged communities.

However, since the launch we have had a few murmurings from within the Australia and New Zealand network. We respect these comments and as a result, have decided not to continue with the risk of possible malicious vandalism. Step into Life’s brand is far too valuable.

Accordingly, we have gone back to our graphic designer and after reviewing a number of new designs with a panel, have settled on the following:

Like the previous design it uses our corporate colours of blue (sky) and green (grass) to represent us moving forward together with our members as a group. Even more so than the previous logo, the “wave” represents movement.

Changing our visual brand identity is a delicate balancing act. We want everyone to embrace the evolution that comes with our new vision and rebrand, while staying authentic to both employees, business partners and our members. We look forward to sharing our journey with you.

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Final Logo