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Caroline Morgan welcomes Step into Life newcomers with her training blueprint

Thursday, March 2018

Here’s how to kick off, maintain and LOVE your new group outdoor personal training program.

By Harriet Edmund 

So, you’ve joined Step into Life – Australia’s largest outdoor personal training group. Welcome!

There’s no doubt you are in for loads of fun with like-minded people, plenty of fresh air and hard work that can deliver results you are after.

To help Step into Life newcomers settle in, we’ve asked personal trainer Caroline Morgan, of Step into Life Chelsea, for her top advice about what to expect in the weeks ahead.


If you’re worried that you won’t keep up with the group, or you think you’ll feel embarrassed about your fitness level, weight or how you look in training apparel, don’t be! “At Step into Life, we have a whole range of members from age 18 to 75,” says Caroline. “There are people with a range of fitness levels and everyone works at their own pace, just doing the best they can.”


One of the key benefits of joining Step into Life is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who all want to get fit and healthy, just like you. “Training in a group like this is heaps of fun, we have lots of laughs during the sessions, but members are still working hard to achieve the fitness results they want,” says Caroline.


If you’re still on the fence and haven’t quite committed to joining yet, Caroline suggests: “Be brave and make that first phone call to the Step into Life trainer in your local area, or – better yet – sign up for a free session to see what you think”. It’s common to feel a little unsure at the start and for some, just making that first move is a huge step!

Why not join with a friend so that you can hold each other accountable? “It’s always more fun training with friends!” says Caroline. “You will encourage each other to turn up, support each other if motivation wanes and share in each other’s amazing results as you start ticking off your personal goals.

The key to getting – and staying – fit, is consistency. “You need to be consistent with your training in order to see results,” reminds Caroline. “Sometimes it’s hard getting to a session, but you will always feel better for having been.”


Our members tell us one of the main reasons they choose Step into Life is because they don’t like training inside at stuffy, smelly gyms! “Training outdoors in the fresh air is so much better for you,” says Caroline. “You will most likely start to feel better from the word go as a result of getting outside and doing some exercise. It’s that simple!”


Step into Life newcomers should expect to see results within the first three months if you are consistent with your training. “But you will generally start to feel better within yourself much sooner,” says Caroline.
“Most members report they lose weight or feel that their clothes are less tight, they start to sleep better, have more energy for normal everyday activities and feel less stressed or are better able to cope with stress in the early months of their program.”

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Caroline Morgan welcomes Step into Life newcomers with her training blueprint