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Thursday, April 2017

Step into Life Albury achieves February ‘Best on Ground’ Award

Michelle Fletcher, Owner and Head Personal Trainer of Step into Life Albury, wins Step into Life franchisee of the Month ‘Best on Ground’ (BOG) Award for February.Measured on key business performance criteria, like new member conversion rates, member sign ups, member retention and more, the monthly BOG award winner shows true consistency and determination across all key areas of a successful Step into Life business.

Michelle Fletcher, a Step into Life veteran, having owned the Step into Life Albury business for over 10 years, has an exceptional understanding of the Step into Life training and business model and how it helps her members achieve success with their health and fitness, as well promote the overall health of her business.

So what in particular helped Michelle, achieve Best on Ground status nationally in February?Three key words, “Planning, Organising, Embracing”!

Planning & Organising

“Plan Local Area Marketing, be organised and prepared with lesson plans and the new introduction process for new enquiries and be ready to embrace the influx of enquiries and potential new members,” says Michelle.“Invest in Local Area Marketing to complement National Marketing efforts and use the tools available to us.”

Michelle identifies a planned social media strategy supported her success, as well as business networking and direct marketing.“Social media investment paid off big time, as did making contact with past members with the offer for Open Week attendance and getting back in contact with local retail businesses to have Open Week flyers placed in bags with every purchase made.”


Exceptional customer service from the get go is extremely important in developing trust with a potential new member.“ Connect with all enquiries promptly and professionally and become their Trainer from initial contact. Even if you are not in a position to talk when you receive the enquiry, let them know you have received it by sending a text and that you will be in touch to discuss their goals.Let them know you care because you DO care,”say Michelle.

What’s Michelle’s final words of advice?“Be the best you can be at every session. Be prepared for new member arrivals, be motivated, be YOU! Plan sessions that cater for the numbers forecasted to attend and the needs of the group. This not only leads to greater member retention and new member growth through fun, professional and challenging sessions offered, but builds and fosters a ‘community’ training environment, making potential new member feel immediately welcomed and part of a supportive and professional team.”

Thank you Michelle and congratulations to you and the Step into Life Albury team!

The Best on Ground (“BOG”) is a national monthly competition that has been running within the Step into Life organisation for many years. It encompasses all of the key performance indicators in the business and allocates points for best performance in those areas. The BOG rewards franchise partners for consistent business performance and adherence to the business systems that make the Step into Life business model successful.


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