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Easy ways a personal trainer can be a great mentor

Thursday, April 2017


Easy ways a Personal Trainer can be a great mentor 

Larry Cohen, Step into Life founder, shares five top tips for mentoring your clients.

Now, more than ever, being a personal trainer is more than just prescribing a variety of exercises, says Larry Cohen, Step into Life founder and long-term PT.

“A trainer, has the opportunity to improve the self-esteem and confidence of the individuals they are working with, and mentor people to be better versions of themselves.”

Put simply, every human being thrives on positive reinforcement and the epitome of being a mentor is elevating the person you are working with to a more positive place.

Larry outlines these easy ways a personal trainer can be a great mentor.

1. Take an interest in all areas of your client’s life

Even though your skill-set and experience is based around exercise and fitness training, understanding what is going on in other areas of your client’s life is also important. Providing some support and general advice based on your own life experiences can be enough to help boost a client’s attitude towards healthy living, career aspirations, family and social life.

2. DO sweat the small stuff

Mentorship is not all about helping someone to set – and achieve – big goals in life, but more so, simply focusing on the small things along the way. Always remember the details and what your client is interested in during your talks and refer back to them with interest. It’s about creating an informal environment where your client feels confident to openly discuss any aspect of their training – and life –with you.

3. Set realistic, yet challenging, expectations

A mentor is best described as someone who gives another person help and advice over a period of time and often also teaches them how to do their job or task at hand well. Part of doing this is to help keep your client accountable by setting some realistic goals or expectations that will help keep them on track. 

4. Always acknowledge effort

If you have ever enjoyed having a mentor of your own, you will know that great mentorship is about acknowledging the efforts that are make, and providing positive reinforcement every step of the way. 

5. Listen up

Listen to the key motivators during communication with your client and ask questions that clarify what your client really wants to achieve. Then, use this information to motivate them to be a better version of themselves.

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Easy ways a personal trainer can be a great mentor