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Amazing Half Way Results with 2019 New You Program

Friday, March 2019

Over 650 participants across Australia and New Zealand, signed up for Step into Life's 2019 NEW YOU program.

We created a complete solution of exercise, nutrition and support to equip everyone with the tools to create a healthier version of themselves.

In just 3.4 weeks of the 8 week program, AUS & NZ participants have collectively lost an amazing 786.6kg. And that's just the results of those people that have submitted their in-progress measurements!

Our participants are telling us that they feel physically and mentally stronger than ever before!

We are so thrilled with the early stage results and cannot wait for the final second scan total body data reports.

Congratulations to all NEW YOU participants on the early results and keep it up! You've got this.

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Amazing Half Way Results with 2019 New You Program