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A day in the life of Gawler personal trainer Andi Hite

Friday, January 2018

No Mondayitis here! Andi Hite shares what it’s like to start her week, plus her favourite pesto dip recipe – the perfect post-training snack.

“It’s Monday morning and my first alarm sounds at 4.30am, the second at 4.35am and the third at 4.40am – just in case!

To wake myself up, I start the day with a green tea or warm lemon water. I like to be awake, lively and ready to take the best session I can when I get to class – hence the early wake up time.

After getting dressed and ready to go, I leave home at 5.30am. I have definitely mastered the bubbly, early morning persona to pump my members up as they arrive to their session. Luckily, I have always been a morning person, which I am thankful for now that I’m a Gawler personal trainer!

After my 6am cardiomax session, I arrive home starving and ready to fuel my body for the rest of the day. I’m all about treating my body to the nutrients it deserves, so I ensure my breakfast is nutritious and delicious.

I have two poached eggs and a combo of greens, depending how I’m feeling this can range from avocado, kale, baby spinach, zucchini, bok choy and parsley. The best addition is my homemade pesto dip, as well as a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt, it’s delicious! This keeps me going for hours and sets me up for another fabulous session! Coffee comes next – an important part of the day!

I squeeze in some administration work and then head off at 8.30am for my toneup session, which starts at 9am. This is the most social session of the week – it’s always so much fun because we catch up on the weekend news, laughter and of course exercise!

After my two morning sessions I head home, shower and start planning or preparing for the remainder of the day or week. On a Monday, in particular, I like to be organised and follow up enquiries, message members that may need a little motivation, check in with any ongoing injuries, reply to emails or send email updates to current members.

I love that I can spend this part of the day how I like. Some days it’s spent marketing in my local area or catching up on my integrative nutrition studies. Other days, I’m fairly social with coffee dates or lunch catch-ups with friends.

Lunch at home is usually leftovers or a big fresh salad. In the afternoon, I enjoy some time out before getting ready to leave home again at 5.15pm. Monday nights I have a double session, toneup at 6pm and boxkick at 7.15pm. I love Monday nights because our classes are always loads of fun and full of energy!

I get home at around 8.45pm. I have a light dinner so I’m not too full before bed. I organise my active wear and drink bottle ready to bounce (or roll) out of bed and head to my own training session the next morning. I go to Step into Life Golden Grove for a 6am cardiomax class on Tuesdays. It’s important to keep myself fit and healthy and have a positive influence on my members.

I love my job and I am so grateful for the flexibility I have each day! If the sun is shining, you’ll find me doing admin and social media marketing at the beach!”


Pesto is perfect as a snack or it be added to a main meal. Andi says, homemade Pesto is also a great replacement for anyone avoiding dairy.

“It can be used for a 'no cheese' platter, as a dip with veggie sticks or healthy crackers. You can even spread it on toast or add it to salads, spelt pasta, zucchini (zoodles) pasta and so much more!”


- 1 cup of almonds, soaked 4-6 hours
- Juice from 1½ lemons
- ¼ cup olive oil
- 1 shallot chopped
- 1 clove garlic
- ½ cup sun-dried tomatoes chopped
- Pinch sea salt
- 2 cups spinach firmly packed


Drain the almonds and place them in a food processor. Add the lemon juice and olive oil, process until smooth. Add the shallot and garlic, process until well blended. Add one handful of the spinach. Continue to process until the spinach is mixed in. Then, remove the pesto from the food processor. Hand chop the remainder of the spinach and stir through.

Andi is the 2017 winner of the Step into Life National Elevation Award. Keep up to date with all the latest from Step into Life Gawler .

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A day in the life of Gawler personal trainer Andi Hite