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2019 Step into Life Franchise Awards Announcement

Friday, August 2019

Every year, Step into Life acknowledges and recognises individual franchisees that possess the vision, drive, bravery, loyalty and management skills to create and foster a thriving franchise business. We are pleased to announce our 2019 winners for Franchisee of the Year, Elevation of the Year and Ambassador of the Year. 

Step into Life Franchisee of the Year Awards
The Franchisee of the Year Award is presented to the top performing franchise in each state, as well as recognising a national winner. Franchise Manager Darren Farrell explains “This award is based on the Best on Ground results, considering fees generated from all revenue sources such as; memberships, additional training packages sold, merchandise and equipment sales. Client growth, plus reduction of suspensions and terminations are extremely important metrics of success and thus part of the assessment mix.
We are pleased to announce the Franchisee of the Year state winners for 2019 are:
  • Charlie Degabriele – Step into Life St Kilda, VIC
  • Craig Hayne – Step into Life West Pennant Hills, NSW
  • Chris Hennessey – Step into Life Graceville, QLD
  • Gideon Lemmer – Step into Life Willetton, WA
  • Shannon Barry – Step into Life West Lakes, SA
The national winner had an outstanding year and we are very happy to present this award to Chris Hennessy from Step into Life Graceville. Every element of business success; from business planning, financial management, customer service, sales and marketing, plus continuous improvement was collectively a stand-alone performance. Chris is very focused, has a strong relationship with the other franchisees in his state, is always ready to give support and advice, and share his experience when needed. Chris always strives to succeed on a personal level and encourages his members to succeed as well says Darren.”
Congratulations to every state and national winner of the 2019 Franchisee of the Year Award.
Step into Life Elevation Awards
The Elevation Award recognises the year on year improvement that franchisees have made in their business, based on our Best on Ground points along with financial data comparisons from the previous to current year. This award is given both at a state and national level.
“This award is all about how much franchisees are striving to improve upon their previous performance – from whatever level that previous performance may have been. This award is truly one for the people where everyone is on a level playing field. EVERY franchisee is eligible to win this award regardless of their size of membership or longevity in the business, Darren points out.
The Elevation of the Year state winners for 2019 are:
  • Nick Taylor – Step into Life Camberwell, VIC
  • Ing Ong – Step into Life Meadowbank, NSW
  • Kerrie Glover – Step into Life Gatton, QLD
  • Kim Frendo – Step into Life Caversham, WA
  • Andi, Jannah & Benita Hite – Step into Life Golden Grove, SA
The national winner is awarded to the franchisee with the greatest improvement Australia wide and we are delighted to announce that the national Elevation of the Year award goes to Kerrie Glover from Step into Life Gatton. Kerrie has worked consistently and proactively to make an impact in her community, and as a result, significant growth occurred. Kerrie also worked with her state office, sought guidance and implemented the system with strategies to increase her business performance and improve member experience with spectacular results."     
Again, congratulations to every state and national winner of the 2019 Elevation of the Year Award.
Step into Life Ambassador Awards
The Step into Life Ambassador award is important to our business as it highlights the necessity of understanding the Vision, Mission and Values of the Step into Life brand and applying these to all our daily business activities.
Darren explains “We are the living embodiment of all that Step into Life stands for and when we present the brand with integrity and values that align with the business then our reputation within the community and within the wider fitness industry will flourish. New members will be attracted to join, new business partners will be attracted to buy venues – and Step into Life will grow.
The franchisee who receives this award may not have the highest number of members, bank the most revenue or sell the most merchandise, however the state winners of this award showcase their passion for the brand within their community and to their peers.”
The Ambassadors of the Year state winners for 2019 are:
  • Leonie Tilley – Step into Life Prahran, VIC
  • David Bowman – Step into Life Turramurra & Lindfield, NSW
  • Kerrie Glover – Step into Life Gatton, QLD
  • Daniel Amato – Step into Life Bassendean, WA
  • Kerrie Olson – Step into Life Mitchell Park, SA
A final congratulations to every 2019 Elevation of the Year Award state winners.
We’re incredibly proud of every 2019 winner and look forward to another exciting year ahead.


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2019 Step into Life Franchise Awards Announcement